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Eisenburg’s Sandwich Shop

SO.  You like yourself a good sandwich, deli style, and you DON’T wanna pay a bundle at one of those “famous” midtown Deli’s or go all the way downtown to Katz’s?  slip on over to Eisenburg’s Sandwich Shop on 5th Avenue at 22nd Street.

There you will find New York ‘tude served up friendly and affordable.  Salami on Rye?  Oh yeah.  Matzo Ball soup?  DONE.  Root beer.  Let’s talk turkey. They even have KNISH.

 (Remember when you could buy Knish on the street like a hot dog??)

You might even spot a famous face.  Anthony Bourdain is a fan… and so are Aaron Neville and Lou Reed!  Holy Egg Cream!  What IS this place?  Nope, it’s not a swanky club, it’s a deli.  Counter service, et al.  And they got the de-cor to prove it.

You gotta problem with that?

New York, I love you.