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Inside Grand Central

Christmas time in NYC can be overwhelming.  Where to go when you have limited time and resources?  Oddly enough, Grand Central is a must see.  Food, shopping, splendor abound.  There are even several secret bars for you to tipple away the stress of the maddening crowds.

The Oyster Bar is located between the first and basement level, and the meeting of the two walkways.  (Check out the whispering corners) Have one of their famous fish stews at the counter and recollect the 1950’s, or slip into their back bar, The Saloon.  The Saloon is a great place to catch a peek at a celebrity or a overhear some stock tips, but it’s not expensive or pretentious.  Grab a spot at the bar and get to know your bartenders name. You’ll get a nice, stiff drink and some good advice.  (Ladies, the restroom here is divine.)

If you want to live large, or even medium rare, have a burger at Michael Jordan’s.  On the balcony overlooking the main floor below, you will feel like a King (or Queen as the case may be) munching away on one of the best bites of beef in town.  The view is simply one of a kind.

Want to sneak away for your cocktail?  Then you must don your finest shoes (there is a strictly held dress code) and visit The Campbell Apartments, where you will indeed feel like you are visiting another era.  The 20’s or 40’s, I’m not sure, but it sure as heck ain’t today.  Lush banquets and wooden panels reaching up to levels will cull you into a state of recollecting past lives, or perhaps lives yet to be lived…

It’s possible in one of those lives, you were a tennis player!  If you like, you can play out this memory at the newly refinished tennis courts on the upper level.  Yes, that’s right. I said tennis courts.  The Vanderbilt Tennis Club is stunning, and can now claim it is the newest tennis court in Manhattan, despite the spaces history of once being the CBS television studios, due to it’s extensive reconstruction.  

Rather “work out” your issues with the credit card?  The Christmas Fair at Grand Central will allow you to be indoors in a beautiful setting, sipping your cocoa while you peruse oodles of handmade gifts. Too delightful.

Finally, there are light shows both indoors and outside of the Great hall of Grand Central.  A truly magical experience for both children and adults.  Don’t miss it!

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